2013 Memorial Day Tango Festival. May 23-27

Seven Milongas & Three Days of Classes.

Due to the popularity of these teachers, we will have to limit attendance to some of the classes. Upon pre-registering and paying, you will be sent a separate registration form for reserving your classes.

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A Tango festival "By Dancers; For Dancers"

T he Denver Tango Festivals are a special treat for all tango dancers who love the social tango popular in the milongas of Buenos Aires: close, subtle & romantic.

We hire some of the top DJs in the US, and the dance floors are arranged for social dancing with a quality, suspended dance floor, enough seating for everybody, and a respect for the line of dance. The DJs utilize tandas and cortinas, and the cabaceo is encouraged.

This is the 13th Denver Tango Festival on Memorial Day weekend. Denver has a friendly, welcoming tango community, and you will see many of your friends from past festivals.

The Denver Tango Festivals attract a high level of dancer. Classes usually have gender ratios close to 50/50. Most milongas are at the hotel; External milongas include Thursday night at the Denver Turnverein, and the fabulous outdoor milonga and BBQ sponsored by Tango Colorado at the pavilion in Cheesman Park. There will be a post-festival milonga on Monday night at the Avalon in Boulder.

We will not be offering Beginner classes at this festival. All classes are Intermediate or above, and they assume you already know the basics of tango, i.e. ochos, ocho-cortados, improvisation, and navigation. Adv-Intermediate & Advanced classes focus on concepts, musicality, technique, and dance skills, not figures.

About the 2013 Denver Tango Festival

We will not have classes on Thursday, so the first festival event will be the Thursday night milonga at the Denver Turnverein. The Early Arrival Milonga will open Registration at 8:00, Milonga doors at 9:00, and run to about 1:00am.

The Mercury Cafe Milonga has ended its 15 year run of Friday Milongas. We will have the Friday Night Milonga at the hotel with the teacher performances. It is a themed milonga designed to emulate a Roaring 20's "Flapper Ball". This milonga will also feature a live tango orchestra, supported by the DJ music of Adriana Pinto. The orchestra is extremely talented and will play Golden Era covers for dancing. On Saturday, during our Elegant "Milonga Pastel" we will have special guest performers, Pablo and Noel.

We have a simplified selection of festival passes: 2, 3 or 4-day passes. The two day pass covers Saturday & Sunday, including 4 classes and 4 milongas. Three day pass adds 2 Friday classes and two Milongas. Four day pass adds the Thursday milonga at the Denver Turnverein.

After you have registered and paid for the festival, you will receive a second, class registration form to reserve your classes. You may change classes upon arrival, but only if there is still room.

The Denver Doubletree Hotel, 3203 Quebec St (note there is another Doubletree a few blocks North) has special pricing for Denver Tango Festival participants, but the hotel block will sell out. To guarantee a room, you will need to purchase early. Use Hotel block code: "TGO"

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  • Eric Jorissen, Holland
  • Brigitta Winkler, New York & Berlin
  • Jay Abling, San Diego, CA
  • Carlos & Tova Moreno, Boston & New York

DJs & Musicians:

  • Natural Tango Orchestra, Denver, CO
  • Lampis Zalavras, San Diego, CA
  • Jay Abling, San Diego, CA
  • Adriana Pinto, Boston, MA
  • Angel Montero, Atlanta, GA
  • Martin Rybczynski, Boulder, CO
  • John Miller, Denver, CO

Natural Tango Orchestra


Milonga Schedule

Day Start-End Event DJ Orchestra Performer Location
Thu 09:00p - 01:00a La Eterna Milonga John Miller Turnverein, $20
Fri 03:15p - 06:30p Welcome Milonga Angel Montero Doubletree, $15
Fri 09:00p - 02:00a 1920s Flapper Ball Adriana Pinto, Natural Tango Orchestra Doubletree, $25
Sat 03:15p - 06:30p Alternative Music Milonga Jay Abling Doubletree, $15
Sat 06:30p Tango Music Jam Brian Salisbury Doubletree
Sat 09:00p - 02:00a Elegant Milonga Pastel with: Lampis Zalavras, and Pablo & Noel Doubletree, $20
Sun 04:00p Tango Music Jam Brian Salisbury Doubletree
Sun 06:00p - 10:00p La Glorieta TBA; By Tango Colorado Cheesman, $15
Sun 11:00p - 06:00a All Night Milonga Martin Rybczynski Doubletree, $20
Mon 6:30p - 10:30p Spillover Milonga MoMo Smitt. Hostess: Halina Palmer Avalon, $10