2013 Labor Day Schedule

2013 Labor Day Schedule

Update: July 28, 2013

All events at Denver Doubletree Hotel EXCEPT:

  • Sun Evening: Cheesman Park Pavilion, Denver 80218
  • Denver Doubletree, 3203 Quebec St, Denver 80207

2013 Denver Labor Day Tango Festival Class Schedule

FRIDAY Aug. 30, 2013
11:00a - Noon Warm-Up & Registration Doubletree
Noon - 01:15p Session 1
Homer & Cristina The Compact Colgada Interm/Advanced
Stefan & Mitra Embrace Clinic: Technique In Contexts. Becoming aware of our habits, & more curious about our partner's experience Intermediate
01:45p - 03:00p Session 2
Homer & Cristina Phrasing, Transitions, and Fills Intermed/Advanced
Avik & Marika Three Cs: Connection, Clarity and Comfort Intermediate
SATURDAY Aug 31, 2013
10:00a - 11:00a No Sweat Tangover Recovery Session $10 Doubletree
11:00a - Noon Warm-Up & Registration Doubletree
Noon - 01:15p Session 3
Homer & Cristina Baby Back Volcadas Interm/Advanced
Avik & Marika Connecting Your Dance to Your Musicality Intermediate
Stefan & Mitra Tango Persona - Character Workshop. Becoming aware of the "character" we tend to play when we dance or enter a "tango world" Intermediate
01:45p - 03:00p Session 4
Homer & Cristina Rhythmic Ochos Intermediate
Avik & Marika Boleos for Expression and Navigation Interm/Advanced
Stefan & Mitra Tango Learning Strategies. Understanding & creating transitions or bridges in your mind between what you know and what you are learning. Intermediate
SUNDAY September 1, 2013
11:00a - 12:00p No Sweat Tangover Recovery Session $10 Doubletree
Noon - 01:00p Warm-Up & Registration Doubletree
01:00p - 02:15p Session 5
Homer & Cristina Enrosques for Leaders & Followers Advanced
Avik & Marika Milonga: Fast and Flow Intermediate
Stefan & Mitra Extreme Specificity, Extreme Musicality. Deep-dive into passages of great Tango music, Interm/Advanced
02:45p - 04:00p Session 6
Homer & Cristina Close Embrace Surprises Interm/Advanced
Marika Landry Embellishments: Free leg, foot work and dialogue. Intermediate
Stefan & Mitra Tango Technique Torture: Body Conditioning. This “torture” class is one of our most popular classes at O2!  Intermediate

Denver Tango Festival Milonga Schedule

Day Start-End Event DJ Orchestra Performer Location
Thu x - x No Thursday Milonga No Thursday Milonga
Fri 03:15p - 06:30p Welcome Milonga Mitra Martin Doubletree, $15
Fri 09:00p - 02:00a "White" Milonga with Instructor Performances Sabbah Chammas Doubletree, $20
Sat 03:15p - 06:30p Alternative Music Milonga Homer Ladas Doubletree, $15
Sat 09:00p - 02:00a Milonga Elegante Avik Basu Doubletree, $20
Sun 06:00p - 10:00p La Glorieta DJ Tara Fortier; By Tango Colorado Cheesman, $15
Sun 11:00p - 06:00a All Night Milonga DJ Lung Kuei Doubletree, $20
Mon 6:30p - 10:30p Spillover Milonga DJ Timothy Shaw Avalon in Boulder, $10