12th Denver Memorial Day Tango Festival May 24-28, 2012

12th Denver Memorial Day Tango Festival May 24-28, 2012

Exciting 2012 Denver Festival Teachers

Eric Jorissen

Eric Jorissen

W e are thrilled to welcome Eric Jorissen back to Denver this year. Eric is famous for creating El Corte, a tango school if not tango mecca in Southern Holland. With his extraordinary personality and inspirational teaching ability, Eric's classes are always popular for all levels of tango dancer. The amazing thing is that the least skilled accomplish everything, and the most advanced are challenged.

Due to the popularity of Eric's classes, attendance will be limited and genders (roles) will be balanced. To ensure fairness, classes will be assigned on a first come basis once you have a paid registration, and we will check names at the door. A 4-Day pass entitles you THREE classes with Eric; a 3-Day pass gets you TWO classes and a 2-Day pass gets you One class. These classes will sell out; if you register and pay late, you will miss out.

Brigitta Winkler & Jay Abling

Brigitta Winkler has been teaching tango since 1979 in Berlin, New York and at festivals around Europe and the United States. A student of Mind-Body Centering, Brigtta brings a deep understanding of body awareness to the movement and communication of Argentine Tango. Brigitta will be working with Jay Abling from Portland and San Deigo.

Homer & Cristina Ladas

Homer & Cristina are well known West Coast tango teachers from the Bay Area. Generous and creative, they always provide intriguing and exciting tango classes.


  • Eric Jorissen, Holland
  • Brigitta Winkler, New York & Berlin
  • Jay Abling, San Diego
  • Homer & Cristina Ladas, San Francisco
  • Carrie Field & Mike Malixi, Taos & Santa Fe


  • Robin Thomas, New York
  • Lampis Zalavras, Los Angeles, CA
  • Jay Abling, San Diego, CA
  • Ana Belén, Aspen, CO


New Changes for 2012 Denver Tango Festivals

The Mercury Cafe Milonga is now pay-at-the door, therefore it is not included in any of the Festival Passes. Tango Colorado's Outdoor BBQ and Milonga are still included.

We have a simplified selection of festival passes: 2, 3 or 4-day passes. The two day covers Saturday & Sunday, including 4 classes and 4 milongas. Three day pass adds 2 Friday classes and the afternoon milonga. Four day pass adds 2 Thursday classes and the Thursday milonga.

A Tango festival "By Dancers; For Dancers"

Cheeseman Park Pavilion, Denver

T he Denver Tango Festivals are a special treat for all tango dancers who love the social tango popular in the milongas of Buenos Aires: close, subtle & romantic. We hire some of the top DJs in the US, and the dance floors are arranged for social dancing with a quality, smooth floor, seating for cabaceo, and a respect for the dance floor. This is the 12th annual Memorial Day Weekend tango festival. Denver has a friendly, welcoming tango community, and you will see many of your friends from past festivals.

The Denver Tango Festivals attract a high level of dancer. Classes usually have gender ratios close to 50/50. Most milongas are at the hotel, but external milongas include Friday night at the Mercury Cafe with live music, and the fabulous outdoor milonga and BBQ sponsored by Tango Colorado at the pavilion in Cheesman Park.

Class Schedule:

  • Thu, 6:30p - 07:45p, (Denver Turnverein, 1570 Clarkson)
  • Thu, 8:00p - 09:15p, (Denver Turnverein)
  • Fri, 12:00p - 01:15p, Two Concurrent Sessions
  • Fri, 1:45p - 03:00p, Two Concurrent Sessions
  • Sat, 12:00p - 01:15p, Three Concurrent Sessions
  • Sat, 1:45p - 03:00p, Three Concurrent Sessions
  • Sun, 1:00p - 02:15p, Three Concurrent Sessions
  • Sun, 2:45p - 04:00p, Three Concurrent Sessions

Early Arrival Milonga:

Denver Tango Festival Milongas:

  • Thu, 9:30p - 01:00a, "Thursday Milonga" (Denver Turnverein, 1570 Clarkson)
  • Fri, 3:15p - 06:30p, "Welcome Milonga"
  • Fri, 9:30p - 02:00a,"Mercury Milonga, with Live Music" (Mercury Cafe, 22nd & California)
  • Sat, 3:15p - 06:30p, "Alternative Music Milonga"
  • Sat, 9:30p - 02:00a, "Primary Color Milonga"
  • Sun, 6:00p - 10:00p, "Tango Colorado Outdoor Milonga and BBQ" (Cheesman Park)
  • Sun, 11:00p - 06:00a, "All Night Hardcore Milonga"

Extra Milonga: