Welcome to Downtown Denver!

Memorial Day Denver Tango Festival presents big changes this year!

We have moved out of the hotel in Stapleton to Downtown Denver!


It will be the cat's meow! You are going to blow your wig when you see all the fun we have in store for you this year!

We plan to have all the best dolls and jellbeans joining us from around the country!

This years Golden Age of Tango Festival will include fabulous themed Milongas held at the Turnverein and we are back at the Mercury Cafe Speakeasy for great days and nights of dancing!

Our invited guest instructors will be Pablo Pugliese and Noel Strazza, Adam Ashton Hoopengardener and Cigdem Tanik, and Carrie Field will be with us to present TangoInform.

Vijay Namasivayam, Lampis Zalavras and Mike Eblen head up our DJ list!

Join us! It will be quite the shindig!

1920's Slang Source (So you can talk the talk, too!)

Milonga Dress Codes



Labor Day Sneak Peek!

"By Dancers; For Dancers"

T he Denver Tango Festivals are a special treat for all tango dancers who love the social tango popular in the milongas of Buenos Aires: close, subtle & romantic.

This is the 15th Denver Tango Festival on Memorial Day weekend. Denver has a friendly, welcoming tango community, and you will see many of your friends from past festivals.

We hire top DJs from around the US, and the dance floors are arranged for social dancing with quality dance floors, enough seating for everyone, and a respect for the line of dance. The DJs utilize tandas and cortinas, and the cabeceo is encouraged.

The Denver Tango Festivals attract a high level of dancer. Classes have gender ratios close to 50/50. ; Venues are beautiful locations with great ambience, dance floors, and acoustics. And don't forget the fabulous outdoor milonga sponsored by Tango Colorado at the pavilion in Cheesman Park!


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