Denver Tango Festival

"By Dancers; For Dancers"

T he Denver Tango Festivals are a special treat for all tango dancers who love the social tango popular in the milongas of Buenos Aires: close, subtle & romantic.

We hire top DJs from around the US, and the dance floors are arranged for social dancing with a quality: suspended dance floor, enough seating for (almost) everyone, and a respect for the line of dance. The DJs utilize tandas and cortinas, and the cabeceo is encouraged.

This is the 14th Denver Tango Festival on Memorial Day weekend. Denver has a friendly, welcoming tango community, and you will see many of your friends from past festivals.

The Denver Tango Festivals attract a high level of dancer. Classes have gender ratios close to 50/50. Most milongas are at the hotel; External milongas include the fabulous outdoor milonga and BBQ sponsored by Tango Colorado at the pavilion in Cheesman Park.

Note: We will not be offering Beginner classes at this festival. All classes are Intermediate or Advanced, and they assume you already know the basics of tango, i.e. ochos, ocho-cortados, and navigation. Classes focus on concepts, musicality, technique, and dance skills, rather than figures.

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