For those of you who do not know:

Tom and Amy have selected Peter Simoneau and Alla Lakov to be the new owners of the Denver Memorial Day Tango Festival.

We are ready to let the festival business go and focus our energy on our family, our full time jobs, and our local Tango community in Fort Collins.

THERE WILL BE A ROAST for Tom at Memorial Day 2016, and with more than 15 years of organizing one of the original festivals in the entire United States, you can be sure there are fascinating experiences to share!

Peter and Alla have proven themselves to have lots of integrity, to be easy friends with similar values, to care deeply about creating a joyful and welcoming event for everyone in the community, to have great business acumen, and they want to preserve the legacy of Denver Tango Festival. When we discovered that Peter had moved to Denver over a year ago, the decision was easy.

Thank you, Peter and Alla for taking on this task! We are confident that you will bring the festival to a new level of glory, and we look forward to working with you during this transition period.
~Tom and Amy

Contact for Peter and Alla:

Alla Lakov


Peter Simoneau


Website and FaceBook addresses stay the same.

If you are on the DTF email list, it will be ported over to Alla and Peter's List.


Denver Tango Festival - Memorial Day 2016:

May 26th - 30th

"By Dancers; For Dancers"

T he Denver Tango Festivals are a special treat for all tango dancers who love the social tango popular in the milongas of Buenos Aires: close, subtle & romantic.

Memorial Day 2016 will be the 16th Annual Denver Tango Festival. Denver has a friendly, welcoming tango community, and you will see many of your friends from festivals around the country.

We hire top DJs from around the US, and the dance floors are arranged for social dancing with quality dance floors, enough seating for everyone, and a respect for the line of dance. The DJs utilize tandas and cortinas, and the cabeceo is encouraged.

The Denver Tango Festivals attract a high level of dancer. Classes have gender ratios close to 50/50. ; Venues are beautiful locations with great ambience, dance floors, and acoustics. And don't forget the fabulous outdoor milonga sponsored by Tango Colorado at the pavilion in Cheesman Park!